What if you could identify the prospective students who visit your website, track what they do when they visit and then reach out to them almost instantly? How would that affect your lead conversion rate and enrollment? 

That got your attention, did it? We thought it would. It isn’t an empty promise. With Maverick U lead automation, all of that is possible – and plenty more.

Right now, you are talking to prospective students by presenting your curriculum and campus features on your website and in your marketing, you’re not really having a conversation with those prospects until they reach out and make contact with you. Maverick U lead automation gives you the ability to start the conversation yourself.

Furthermore, this versatile new solution tracks analytics, automates your CRM processes and even profiles and rates your prospective students, current students and alumni based on their interests and activity. That enables your admissions team – as well as your fundraising team – to create unique messages tailored just for those people, and that increases your conversion rates, enrollment and your ability to stay in touch with alumni.

You already know that for anyone considering going to college, the decision is not one that a person arrives at quickly. Now you don’t have to wait for them to come to you when they’re ready – you can communicate with them about the specific curriculum and campus attractions they show a specific interest in. Meanwhile, you can stay in constant communication with your alumni and know which ones are interacting with you the most. That’s the power of Maverick U.

Sure, Maverick can also do all the traditional agency things like create websites and marketing collateral, buying media and managing your Google campaigns. But what we specialize in are results. And Maverick U lead automation is what drives those results.

Think about it: What if all the hottest recruits, future students who have actively sought out your school and courses, as well as the alumni most connected to you, were delivered directly to your inbox every day, or even on demand? And the exclamation point is that we can integrate these powerful tools with your existing marketing efforts, from e-mail to Google to analytics to sales team workflow. Traditional marketing gets them to your website, and we do the rest. Advantage: You.